About us

Transport company „Hegvita“ was established in 1996. From very beginning we are showing constant growth, adjusting to dynamic market changes. Client are being provided with the highest quality transport and spedition services. Having started with Russian and Balkan markets, since 2004 we are providing our transport services in Western Europe relations. „Hegvita“ is always commited to customers requirments, always adjusting its fleet to cargo flow trends. The latest IT and technical solutions are used to optimise efficiency.

We are proud of our qualified staff, everyday representing us at the loading and unloading places. Constantly trained drivers drive at maximum efficiency and safety level, keep the load in security and deliver in the shortest possible term.

„Hegvita“ is a member of hauliers asociation „Linava“ and spedition/logistics asociation „Lineka“. The membership proves good reputation and reliability of the company.

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